Stay More Organised with Mobile Apps

stay more organised with mobile apps
Use mobile apps to stay more organised

Are your organizational skills lacking? Are you looking for an easier way to make things more efficient? If you answered “yes” to one or both of these questions maybe it’s time to stay more organised with mobile apps.  Why not consider one of the many mobile apps that can help you get and stay more organized. Continue reading Stay More Organised with Mobile Apps

Organizing Your Computer Resources

Organizing your computer resources is an important step to learn, in the long term it saves you a lot of frustration.

Our computers hold all sorts of digital resources that we utilize both at work and in our personal lives. From family photos to financial records, the data we store on our hard drives can be very important. But, if your computer’s files are cluttered and disorganized, it can be difficult to find the file you need when you actually need it. Here are a few  hints for tidying up the resources you keep on your computer.

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Tips of Starting a Business

Tips of Starting a Business


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You have completed your education. Now you are looking forward to build your career. You have two options: either join a reputed firm in your field or start your own business. Starting a new business is not an easy task to do, consist of a lot of risk in it. But with your own business, you will be your own master. You can employ others and thus you don\’t have to work under anyone else. You can apply your own rules in you company and no one would be there to stop you. But starting a business and running it successfully are not easy tasks. If you really want to have a business of your own, then you have two options: either start a new one from the ground or you can purchase an existing Business For Sale. Continue reading Tips of Starting a Business

Importance of Keeping Records

I discovered recently the importance of keeping records.

My host provider recently made some changes and I found that a couple of my sites were not working, it’s very scary when this happens.

I was just about to ring the help desk when I remembered something that happened to me some time ago, I had nearly forgotten about it.

I had added a new plugin on my site and immediately I couldn’t access my site!  This was really scary as I am an utter technophobe and didn’t have a clue.  I rang the help desk and they were brilliant and sorted me out, huge sigh of relief. Continue reading Importance of Keeping Records

Spin Rewriter Give it a try

I have numerous items of PLR on my hard disk that I have acquired over a period of time.

I have now decided that I want to make use of these article but in order to do so properly I need some help.

I have decided to try out Spin Rewriter

Some of the claims made are:

it makes rewriting your articles as easy as clicking one button. (I certainly hope so).
it rewrites your articles by using its growing collection of 750,000+synonyms.
it comes with paragraph, sentence, phrase and single-word level spinning.
it actually understands the text and only suggests meaningful synonyms.
it offers bulk rewrite that lets you rewrite multiple articles with 1 click.
it gets better every day and adapts to your personal style of writing
it tells you the current uniqueness of spun versions of your article
it works on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, your phone, … everywhere!
it allows you to dominate everybody else with tons of unique content
it exports hundreds of unique articles in all popular spintax formats

With this tool it should be possible to rewrite your articles to make them more unique and therefore escape the duplication penalty.