Importance of Keeping Records

I discovered recently the importance of keeping records.

My host provider recently made some changes and I found that a couple of my sites were not working, it’s very scary when this happens.

I was just about to ring the help desk when I remembered something that happened to me some time ago, I had nearly forgotten about it.

I had added a new plugin on my site and immediately I couldn’t access my site!  This was really scary as I am an utter technophobe and didn’t have a clue.  I rang the help desk and they were brilliant and sorted me out, huge sigh of relief.Back to now and I was thinking about contacting the help desk, I thought maybe that my theme didn’t like the upgrade.  I then realised that the second site that wasn’t working was a more current theme so that was unlikely to be the reason.  I then had a light bulb moment as I remembered that on these two sites I had recently installed a new plugin, it couldn’t be a coincidence.

The plugin had worked okay for awhile but the sites weren’t working after the host’s upgrade.  Since the last time I had this problem I’ve learned a bit more and I went into file manager and eventually found the plugin folder, I deleted the plugin and guess what? I can now see my site again.

I was so pleased as I’ve put a lot of work into the site in question and it’s been a steep learning curve.

And the lesson learned? Keep a note of what and when plugins you add to your site, you never know when when it may help to pinpoint a problem.  If the upgrade had happened a few more months down the line I would have forgotten all about adding the plugin.  It was only because I had added the plugin to these particular two sites that the penny dropped.

The best bit of this incident is the fact that I was actually able to sort it out for myself, and for me that is an achievement.

Onwards and Upwards as they say.


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